Thomas Maurer

Artist Thomas Maurer has been living and working in the Swan Valley for more than 12 years.

Originally an event producer in Germany, Thomas invented his style of 3D illusionary art by accident while working on a car with a friend.

“I wasn’t an artist before, I can’t even draw a chair,” Thomas laughs.

Thomas creates three-dimensional optical illusions using an angle grinder on a flat sheet of aluminium. It took more than three years to invent his unique art form that he calls illusionary art, and he has followed his passion for the past 25 years.

His optical illusions range from breathtaking sea and landscapes, to mindbending abstract and geometric artworks, that have to be seen to be believed.

“The Swan Valley is the perfect backdrop for me to create my art, and to exhibit my work in my own gallery,” he says.

“When people come to the Valley, they want to relax, have a glass of wine , have an exciting meal and then they are open for new experiences.

Visitors will be able to do just that when Thomas teams up with his neighbours at Mauritian-flavoured Café du Quartier for two lunches during Entwined in the Valley.