Arch Kosovich

Wine is in Arch Kosovich’s blood. The third-generation wine maker grew up in the Swan Valley, drove a tractor around the vineyards as a child and now runs the winery named after his father and established by his grandfather in 1922.

If you visit the winery - the third oldest operating in the Swan Valley and the oldest still run by the original family - it’s likely to be Arch who will greet you at the cellar door.

“Growing up around people like Dorham Mann and the people in the local Swan Valley winemaking community, you would learn so much and get caught up in it all and away you go,” Arch says. “And then you’re doing it.”

Arch is proud of the Swan Valley’s tradition of making truly great wines.

“A lot of the old wines that dad made here have obviously struck me as pretty special, the old Chenins, Cabernets, Shirazes, all those great varieties that have great capacity to age,” he says.

“Then there are the Fortifieds which are such a great asset to the region as well.”

Having grown up tasting the wines from over 50 or 60 years of recent history of wine making, Arch knows how good the wines are and rates the 1955 Houghton Shiraz as “one of the greatest wines I have ever had.”

Arch says Entwined offered visitors the chance to explore the grape varieties of the region and to reconnect with well-established vineyards that are making cutting edge modern wines. There will be vertical tastings of Cabernet Malbec and Chenin Blanc during Entwined.