Humane Foods

Humane Food

We were proud as punch when the Swan Valley was crowned the first Humane Food Region in Australia in 2014.

In the Swan Valley, foodies can rejoice in the knowledge that the produce they’re eating has come from higher welfare farming. That the chickens have been allowed to scratch and forage, laying hens have been able to lay their eggs in a nest and that breeding pigs haven’t been confined to stalls or farrowing crates.

With more than 30 of the region's restaurants and cafes committed to the cause, the chefs and producers in our region have proven themselves to be a compassionate bunch and huge advocates of fresh cage-free eggs, free-range pork and a whole lot of tastier, more wholesome produce, from animals living happier, healthier lives.  

Our six ambassador chefs are out in the community raising the profile and showcasing the high quality, tasty food that comes as a result of using humanely produced food.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with provenance, supporting farmers markets and buying local. One third of all visitors to the Swan Valley reported in 2016 that they were aware of the regions support of humane food production and that a third of those visitors said it actually influenced their decision to visit.