About the Valley


World-class wineries, breweries, distilleries, countless gourmet artisan goods, handcrafted wares, bustling markets, vibrant studios, top-notch eateries and endless experiences, just 25 minutes from Perth. Welcome to the Swan Valley.  

There’s a reason why the finest artisans in the land call the Swan Valley home.

Why world-class chefs travel thousands of miles across the globe to lay their roots here. Why brewers, chocolatiers, honey producers and icecream and nougat makers have set up shop here. Why leading vintners choose to plant their vines here.

After all, this is a place where the earth is rich and fruit and vegetables ripen to perfection under a warm sun. Where grape varietals flourish. Where cows and poultry are raised with open space and kindness, creating succulent local meats.

This is a place that takes its fresh produce seriously, scooping the title of the first humane food region in Australia.

It’s a place steeped in Indigenous and Mediterranean migration history, laden with the oldest vines in WA, with time-honoured recipes and generations of tradition and passion sown into the land.

The roads are lined with quaint stalls packed with seasonal produce picked straight from the backyard, like tasty table grapes, sweet melons and vine-ripened tomatoes. During the warm summer months, visitors to the valley can enjoy fresh, tasty table grapes(PDF, 2MB) straight from the vines at the many roadside stalls dotted throughout the region.

The list of gourmet artisan wares produced here keeps on growing, and includes extra virgin olive oils, marinated olives, tapenades, dried fruits, pickles and preserves to handmade chocolate, fudge, truffles, ice cream and nougat.

It’s also a place where fine artists, sculptors and creatives come to build vibrant studio spaces and be inspired.

Visitors flock to the Swan Valley to feast and drink and celebrate life and love.

Spend a day touring here and you’ll see everything from experienced vintners to the heart-warming growers who welcome you like an old friend at the cellar door. You’ll coming away remembering how you felt. Warm. Happy. Relaxed. Comfortable. Full in the belly and content in the heart. And right at home, amongst friends.