Yuri Berns

Yuri Berns.jpg

After spending time overseas in Napa Valley and Champagne, Yuri Berns came home to the Swan Valley to focus on Sittella’s vision to make some of Australia’s best sparkling wines.

“We've established a pretty serious and exciting long term sparkling program, as well as planting new varieties and vineyards,” said Yuri.

“My family has always believed in the region's potential to make unique wines that reflect where they come from, and we are staying true to that in everything we do at Sittella.”

Yuri believes the Swan Valley has some of the most unique sites and wines in WA that date back generations.

“We want people to experience our single-site, fine wines. These plots are rare today; the Swan Valley is lucky to have so many that are looked after and fruitful,” said Yuri.

“I’m thrilled to be involved in Entwined. I want people to experience what we have to offer here, our hospitality, the outdoors, and the huge range of characters that make the region what it is.”