The Winemaker

James Talijancich joined the family’s winemaking business in 1977 as a third generation winemaker. Many years of family experience has taught him the ins and outs of the winemaking process.

Talijancich Wines is famous for its classic fortified wines, and remains one of the few producers in the Swan Valley that focuses on making wines from locally-sourced fruit.

Luckily for James, the Valley has a beautiful climate that is just about tailor-made to the industry.

“We are spoilt here, knowing we can produce great table wines and fortifieds from one region, and very few wine regions in the world have this ability,” he said.

James says Entwined in the Valley is the perfect platform for winemakers and creators to come together and share their stories of the past, present and future.

“These events are crucial to our success and for the public to experience firsthand what we do best,” he said.

James has just wound up his 39th vintage this year, as Talijancich Wines continues to evolve.

See James in action at Zabava! as he takes you through the family's history and heritage in a sit down tasting.