The Producer

Marlene Katich and her husband Matt are locals who’ve lived and breathed the Swan Valley for many years, and their family history is a familiar one to many in the Valley.

Marlene’s mother and father migrated from Croatia, bringing with them a wealth of European food and wine knowledge.

“They literally transplanted the fields, the viticulture and their food and wine traditions into a community which still exists today,” she said.

They opened Kato’s @ 3000 on West Swan Road in 2010. Run out of a rustic shed in the Swan Valley, Kato’s is just one of many fabulous road side stalls, shacks and sheds selling top-notch Swan Valley produce.

“Our family business, Kato’s @ 3000, sees my husband Matt continuing to develop the table grape business and our farm gate shed has given me an opportunity to develop seasonal food products,” she said.

“The ice-cream side to our business presents a real challenge in utilizing seasonal and locally grown produce.”

“I am passionate about that first taste being real and I try to surprise with my flavour combinations.”

Marlene said she is honoured to be involved in Entwined in the Valley 2017, and hopes people will value the authenticity and history of the Valley’s producers.

“I am very proud of the thread of continuity that exists in the Valley and hold great respect for the endeavours of the past which has lead us to understand the value of our work and its place in our local history.”