The Artist

The gallery at Taylor’s Art & Coffee House exhibits the vibrant works of artist Jude Taylor - whose work typically features her home, the Swan Valley, and West Australian wildflowers and landscape.

“The West Australian landscape and wildflowers inspire me because of their wonderful space and light. The light is so strong that the shadows are black, hence my use of the lino-cut medium,” she said.

 “I believe that our wildflowers are a great heritage, and in wishing for more people to celebrate them, I have created wildflower patterns to be used on fabric, steel gates, lamps and more.”

Jude has expanded her art into fabrics and now works with women in Indonesia. Just like her wildflowers, the pieces are a stunning display of beauty and abundance.

Pleased and proud to be an ambassador for Entwined 2017, Jude can’t wait for visitors to meet the people who’ve used the land, and their energy and vision to create wonderful produce.

“Meet the Maker is a great theme for the Entwined festival, because that’s often what you’re doing whenever you go to the Valley,” she said.

“The people serving you are very often the people who’ve crafted and created what you’re buying.”