Rupert Philips

Rupert Philips.jpg

For Rupert Phillips, realising a long-standing dream and relocating to the Swan Valley in 2010 satisfied both his personal love for the region, and his passion which began as a child.

For some 43 years, Rupert has been keeping bees, and with his equally enthusiastic wife Kim, they travel far and wide throughout WA to harvest and showcase some of the best honey the State has to offer.

“All of our hives are located in pristine bushland among our beautiful Eucalyptus varieties, which produce unique flavours based on the local floral species,” said Rupert.

“We harvest honey only when our bees have capped the cells, allowing it to fully ripen and mature into an exceptional taste. This ensures premium, top quality honeys with intense flavours and the highest nutritional value, using traditional and sustainable farming methods.”

His role as an Ambassador for Entwined links his role as a local resident, while also supporting local customers and agri-tourism.