Humane food

Humane Food

Consumers are getting savvy.

A great meal can be found in a lot of places, but some diners demand more than taste from a dining experience.

Conscious food lovers also want to know the produce that they are eating has come from higher welfare farming.  That meat chickens have been allowed to scratch and forage, layer hens have been able to lay their eggs in a nest, and that breeding pigs haven’t been confined to stalls or crates.

It’s an ethos we share in the Swan Valley. Where we have a strong regional commitment to supporting the welfare of animals and producing high quality, healthier, tastier food.

In 2014, the RSPCA named the Swan Valley Australia’s first humane food region.

The Swan Valley Humane Food Region program is supported by 30 of the Swan Valley’s restaurants and cafes, who are committed to serving humanely farmed eggs, chicken and pork. This number is projected to grow as more and more chefs are attracted to the region.

The program is led by six talented local ambassadors – Caroline Taylor, Kiren Mainwaring, Mike Price, Fiona Lamont, Manu Fillaudeau and Michael Hartnell; all passionate chefs in the region.

RSPCA Western Australia President Lynne Bradshaw said the region was an indication of the social change towards humane food.

“Consumers are driving the change for humane food and the Swan Valley Humane Food Region is a fantastic step towards giving diners what they want,” Ms Bradshaw said.

“At the moment, most Australian meat chickens are kept in barren conditions, more than 11 million hens are confined to cages for egg production and many pigs are kept in concrete pens.

“The RSPCA WA congratulates the businesses who have joined the Humane Food Region and shown leadership in sourcing humanely produced products and working towards improving the lives of Australian farm animals.

“This level of dedication from business operators to serve humanely farmed eggs, chicken and pork is setting a standard we hope to see replicated across the country.”